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Lee Kronenberg

Lee Kronenberg is a retired psychologist and former college instructor whose creativity is expressed in welded sculptures.  Born and reared in Ohio, Lee moved to Michigan after his Army experiences in Korea.  His interest in art and welding soon increased and he learned from wonderful welding instructors at Lansing Community College. 


Lee enjoys shaping and molding steel and copper into stimulating and unusual forms.  Sometimes, sculpting begins as a free-form journey.  Sometimes the design takes shape from a thought or inspiration.  The most exciting experience occurs when he dreams about a sculpture, and then begins to build on that dream.  Because Cubism fascinates him, he sometimes develops and uses the techniques associated with it to create representational and nonrepresentational art. 


Within the recent past, he has collaborated with his wife, Nancy, to create wonderful art which features her ceramics with his steel and copper. These have been wonderfully accepted by art lovers, as they are unique in their beauty. 


Lee welcomes requests for commissions.  If you see something on the website that excites you but doesn’t quite fit your needs, contact Lee and discuss the possibility of having something made especially for you.  

Nancy Kronenberg

Nancy M. Kronenberg grew up in a very large family in a rough and tumble neighborhood in the inner city of Philadelphia.   Art was not in any way a part of her early years.  But her love of geometric shapes and images, often showcased in her art, no doubt has been influenced by the row houses and concrete-and-telephone-wire world of her childhood.


After retiring from social work and long after the blush of youth was gone, Nancy discovered that she was inspired by the art world and sustained by creating art.  Although beginning her art career by painting in watercolor and acrylics, Nancy is now mesmerized by clay.  Creating with clay with all of its unique earthy, malleable and wonderful properties has been like having a second childhood for her.  But this time her added excitement has art playing a major role. 


Many, many art teachers, colleagues and artist friends have generously shared their knowledge, expertise and love of the arts with Nancy in classes, seminars, workshops and exhibits.  She has a style all her own that is spontaneous and free, like a dance with the medium with which she creates. 

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